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Urbanization is the action and the effect of urbanization and an area of urban expansion. This term is generally used to refer to all the constructions built in a former rural areas.
At the time of developing the urbanization of land, it is divided into several entities (polygons, blocks, plots, etc.) to construct buildings and infrastructure. Urbanization needs of electricity, drinking water, waste and transport collection, among other basic services for the neighborhood.
The concept of urbanization may vary. This concept refers to both the demographic phenomenon in soi (the tendency to the concentration of the population in the cities) as the planning for urban purposes (in the city center).
Means process of urbanization the phenomenon of urban development. This process starts with the migration of people living in rural (in the countryside) to the urban (in town) seeking better conditions of life (through the development of health and education services), possibilities of identifying opportunities professional or a great leisure offer.
The urbanization rate, on the other hand, is an index that shows the relationship in percentage between the inhabitants of the cities (i.e., the urban population) and the total amount of inhabitants of the country. A high urbanization rate indicates a high level of development. Experts say that in recent years, the world urbanization rate has exceeded 50%, which means that more than half of the global population lives in the city.
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