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The concept of war is related to terms like combat, battle, fight, fight or confrontation. In general, all these concepts are interchangeable and synonymous, although each of them has a specific use more appropriate. For example, it is correct to speak of a "fight between two boxers" and not a "war between two boxers."
In its most common sense, the armed struggle or armed conflict between two or more nations or camps, the war means. This is the breakdown of a State of peace which gives rise to a confrontation with any kind of weapons and that resulted in numerous fatal victims.
The war may be classified in several ways depending on its characteristics. A preventive war is one that is triggered by a nation with the argument that another country is preparing to attack it. This kind of initiative has been proposed by former U.S. President George W. Bush in Iraq.
A civil war is one that engages residents of any one people or country. In these cases, there is no direct interference from other countries. For example: the confrontation between supporters, the army and the paramilitaries in Colombia.
The holy war is one that is promoted by religious reasons. Nowadays, some Muslim groups are at the origin of violent actions in this context.
Then there are the dirty war, either to actions outside any legal or declared. Example is fighting on the Argentine supporters (the guerrilla) in the 1970s.
Finally, we will retain that the term war is also used to refer to any combat or any opposition to the moral and psychological sense. There is also the concept of cold war when at least two nations are trying to undermine the enemy political regime by the economic influence, propaganda and espionage, but without direct violence.
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