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Anything produced by man is a work. The term is used to refer to any material creation (like a craft product or an industrial product) or intellectual production (a story, a song, a fable, etc.).
Art is the point of view (or vision) sensitive beings humans on the real or imaginary world. The artists express their perceptions, emotions and feelings through various linguistic, Visual and sound resources.
A work of art is therefore a product that expresses an idea or a sensitive expression. It is the creation that reflects the intention of an artist. Examples: "in this Museum, there are more than a thousand works of art that can be enjoyed by the public", "a Paraguayan painter has collected nearly one million dollars in the auction of three works of art", "the new film by Iranian filmmaker is a work of art able to place anyone."
The notion of artistic work is often identified with the arts. In this sense, there is mention the paintings and sculptures as works of art. Creations musical, literary and cinematographic, however, are also works of art insofar as these are productions developed by a person with an artistic intent.
Taking into account of art as strong and dimension almost foreign to most that only made people the artistic productions of the great masters or famous people are recognized. The painting of an office worker who devoted himself to art as a hobby or a story written by a grocer hardly can be considered by the company as works of art.
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