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The behavior is the way to behave (Act, react, stand). It's the way people or organizations with regard to incentives and compared to the middle and entourage.
There are several modes of behaviour according to the circumstances in question. Conscious behaviour is that which takes place following a process of reasoning. Greet someone that we know when we meet in the street is one example.
The unconscious behavior, on the other hand, held virtually automatically because the person did not even need to think or reflect on the action (scratching after having been stung by a mosquito, for example).
The private conduct takes place in the privacy of home or any solitude. In this case, the individual is not likely to be subject to the prying eyes of others. Public behavior is the opposite because it takes place in the presence of others or where it is shared with the rest of society.
For psychology, the behavior is about what makes a human being facing its environment. Every interaction of a person with his entourage implies a behavior. When this behavior is stable standards, can then talk about driving.
It is possible to speak of good behavior or bad behavior, depending on how actions can frame within the social rules. A child misbehaves when he disobeys his parents and is not what was ordered. In general, the bad behavior caused a punishment on the part of the social authority (parents, teachers, a judge, etc.).
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