Biography of Cristina Chiabotto

September 15, 1986

Who is Cristina Chiabotto?

Cristina Chiabotto was born on September 15, 1986 in Moncalieri, Turin. Became famous in 2004, only eighteen, when she was elected "Miss Italy" (after winning the title of "Miss Pankhurst"). Undertakes the career in showbiz: presenter participates as the "Zecchino d'Oro" of 2004 and is chosen from Rocchetta Uliveto and for a series of commercials along with the Juventus player Alessandro Del Piero.

In 2005 on Raiuno Cristina Chiabotto takes part in the episode of "your business" dedicated to the extraction of lottery winners Italy tickets, and debuted at the "Festival di Sanremo" (conducted in that issue by Paolo Bonolis) curing the links with juries. Dall'Antoniano of Bologna is the protagonist of broadcasts dedicated to mother's day, and in September back to "Miss Italy" to Crown Edelfa Chiara Masciotta (also Hill), his heir. Cristina then join (winning) the second edition of Milly Carlucci program "dancing with the stars, paired with the ballet teacher Raimondo Todaro.

Behind the scenes, knows the actor Fabio Fulco, in turn, with whom he begins a romantic relationship. The Castor, chosen as testimonial for Cotonella, lands then to Mediaset, where Italy has about 1 "reservoir dogs" together with Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu (with which, moreover, does not have a particularly good ratio), while the Magician Forrest and Ilary Blasi is driving the "musical event Festivalbar".

After presenting the 30th edition of the Monte Carlo Circus, in 2007 the showgirl torinese presents on Channel 5 "seriously", which starred Claudio Amendola, Valeria Marini, Alfonso Signorini, Katia Fazlic and Valeria Gashi. Together with Ambra Angiolini and Giancarlo Giannini is the hostess of another Music Festival, the "Wind Music Awards". At the same time Cristina Chiabotto WINS special prize "communication and entertainment during the 20th Edition of the Grand Prix organized by Italy Advertising; afterwards, takes the place of Ainett Stephens in "Real Tv", aired on Italy 1, showing with a sexy look, dressed only with sequins on parts intimate.

Back at present "Wind Music Awards, this time in the company of Rossella Brescia, starting from August 2008 was chosen as the face of" female "sports program Controcampo, aired on Rete 4, during which showcases his rooting for Juventus. The following summer with Tommaso Vianello presents the Italian final of "The look of the year", the international competition staged in Hong Kong, while in Italy on December 1 is at the helm of "cool + Cool Christmas Show", full of prickly comedy India. Became testimonial of Deborah and Chateau d'ax, 2010 Cristina is advertising face of Superenalotto. also, back in Rai, called to assist and Emanuele Filiberto Pupo "Ciak ... si sings!", musical variety of Raiuno: on the same network also features "Miss Italy in the world", with Massimo Giletti, and "back to school" with Georgia Luzi and Fabrizio Frizzi.

Cristina Chiabotto back driving a comic in July 2011, when its "Uplifting Comedy Tour" on Comedy Central, while in autumn comes to Radio Kiss Kiss in "who are you Ready?", alongside Joe Violanti. He moved back to Italy 1 in 2012, when together with Arianna Bergamaschi and former Hyena Marco Berry presents "Bau", while Boys on Sky is the godmother of "Bravo Thankyou" competition aimed at rookies comedians. He made his debut at teatro in "remember the variety?". Reconfirmed in "Uplifting Comedy Tour", along with the former Big Brother contestant Serena Garitta, in 2013 become testimonial of JTV, the television channel of Juventus. Cristina Chiabotto is also presenter of new La5 "12 Heel".