Biography of Maurizio Cattelan

Art and provocation September 21, 1960

Who is Maurizio Cattelan?

Maurizio Cattelan was born on September 21, 1960. Do not attend any Academy, for which he creates works by self-taught. He started his career in the 1980s in the city of Forlì, in Emilia-Romagna. In Forlì also knows some local artists. Continues to carry out his work in Milan.

In his sculptures starts to represent theatrical pieces, provoking actions, objects that do not work, comments and texts which accompany both his works and works made by him. In 1986 he realizes one of his best-known works provocative, "Untitled", which represents a painting torn into three parts that is meant to represent a large zeta.

Achieved great success, however, five years after his first major exhibition at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Bologna. The work exhibited on this occasion is "Stadium 1991", which represents a large table football in which there are eleven Senegalese players and eleven players of Cesena.

Two years later he also makes another job, "Work is a bad job", with the intention of wanting to sell at an advertising agency on its exhibition space. This work is presented at the Venice Biennale, upsetting the public.

Experiencing great success and receives great compliments from the Italian critics. During one of her performances in Milan sticks with adhesive tape the Gallery Massimo De Carlo against the wall.

Cattelan is considered by critics as one of the post-duchampiani of the art today.

In 1999 he realized one of his most famous sculptures: "The ninth hour". In this work, made of latex, wax and fabric, is Pope John Paul II slumped to the ground since it was hit by a meteorite; around the Polish Pope include broken glass. The opera, which received much criticism and has been the subject of great controversy, was exhibited at the Royal Academy in London. Also the work by Carty was sold at auction by Christiès in 2003 for $ 886,000.

Two years after Maurizio Cattelan is dedicated to the elaboration of the provocative inscription "Hollywood", which was erected on the Hill of Badade, located near Palermo, Sicily. In recent years he has also produced a documentary entitled "Cattelan is dead! Hooray! ", in Carty which imagines that the major Italian news to speak of his death.

Also in 2001 he devoted himself to the creation of another work, "Him", which represents Hitler kneeling in the Act of requesting forgiveness for the wrong he has committed. The goal of this art is to make people understand that a man who has committed an extermination as severe as that against the Jews is hard to forgive.

In one of the streets of New York also has also opened a showcase, the Wrong Gallery ", where you can make some art exhibitions. The world was a great success, but also gets many criticisms for his provocative works.

On the occasion of an honorary degree which was awarded by the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Trento, pretending to be an ass, gives the University a stuffed donkey. This work is called "a donkey among the doctors".

During his stay in New York, creates with Paola Carper Mafrin, a magazine of contemporary art: "Permanent Food", which represented the stolen pictures.

Also in New York directs with Ali Subotnick and Massimiliano Gioni, the magazine "Charley". In 2006, he was called to treat the fourth Berlin biennial. Two years later he won the lifetime achievement award that is awarded by the 15TH Rome Quadriennale.

In private life he has an affair with tv presenter Victoria Cabello. He continues to fulfill his artistic masterpieces, gaining attention as a very popular character both in Italy and in the rest of the world.