Biography of Niccolò Ammaniti

Words on stage September 25, 1966

Who is Niccolò Ammaniti?

Born in Rome on September 25, 1966, Niccolò Ammaniti almost graduated in biological sciences with a thesis entitled "release of Acetylcholinesterase in neuroblastoma". Despite missing a few exams did not, and legend has it that the sketch of his thesis became "Gills", the first novel.

Together with his father Max, a lecturer in psychopathology and developmental age at La Sapienza University in Rome, he published "in the name of the son", an essay on the problems of adolescence, reprinted by popular acclaim. In 1996 he took part in "Search", and in the same year, the collection of short stories that makes known to the general public, "mud". For some time he was accused of cannibalism, but is always cheated, continuing to do what he liked. Writes or has written about books, travel, movies and more for "Tuttolibri", "Pulp", "the beast", "music", "Micromega", "Friend" and "Take". Interviewed for "Liberal" his friend writer Aldo Nove, with whom he shared many adventures including the Foundation, together with other writers, collective movement "Nevroromanticismo" (inspired by the work of singer Greta Garbo) and the "Kitchen" experience, the Mtv broadcast conducted by Andrea Pezzi (the outgoing conductor who had previously hosted the talk show "Tokusho").

A story by Niccolò Ammaniti appeared in the anthology edited by Valerio Evangelisti celebrating 45 years of the "Urania", and another in a small volume of the series "Supergiallo Mondadori" by Daniele Brolli. In 1997 RadioRai transmits a his radio drama, "the Sun sucks". Wrote the Afterword to "drive-in night" by Joe r. Lansdale (Einaudi, 1998), a writer who loves and Niccolò that never fails to praise.

Einaudi agenda "Freestyle" wrote the short story "sleeping with the enemy", while the story in three episodes "cunning" surgeon came out for the online magazine "Cafe Europa" (a new version appeared, with the collaboration of Antonio Manzini, on "crimes", the collective anthology published by Einaudi in 2005).

Along with her sister made a brief cameo in the film by Fulvio Ottaviano, "Grow artichokes at Mimongo", 1996. Long story that opens "mud" Director Marco Risi drew movie with Monica Bellucci "l'ultimo capodanno (1998), of which there are two versions. The following year it was released in theaters "Gills", interpreted by Gianluca Grignani directed by Francis Ranieri Martinotti.

For the American production company MondoMedia has designed and written the screenplay for a serial in 3D digital animation for the Internet-which only exists on pilot-titled "Gone Bad", which he called "a zombie story between Merola, Leo and Sam Raimi".

Ammaniti is very appreciated abroad, so much so that his books have been translated into French, Greek, Polish, Russian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Romanian, Finnish, and a lot of other languages unknown to us. In 2001 came to Einaudi Stile Libero "Io non ho paura" his best-seller: won the Viareggio Prize and the many reprints of the novel (including a School Edition) continue to move among the first places in the Italian charts.

The same year, Vasco Rossi wrote a song titled "Ti prendo e Ti porto via", which gave (if anything there was still need) a shove to the homonym, beautiful novel of formation, from which it was rumored he was making a film--directed by Goran Paskaljevic-but she didn't hear anything.

However, in 2003 the good Gabriele Salvatores has directed "I ain't scared" written by Niccolò Ammaniti and Francesca Marciano, who risked even finish shortlisted for an Oscar as best foreign language film (he still won three Nastro d'Argento and one David di Donatello).

In recent years Nicholas has been involved in hundreds of events: presentations of "Io non ho paura" up and down Italy, collaborations in collective novels on the net (is being rolled out for Einaudi "my name is nobody-Global Novel", which collects the experience), awards of any kind in nearly all parts of the world, television and radio interviews, lectures at schools of writing , forewords, afterwords, clamps and squeals on the cover as a homegrown and Stephen King novel.

After repeatedly announced the release of a novel of approximately six hundred pages from the unlikely title "book of the dead"-Italian released in serial form on "Rolling Stone"-the project has taken shape in the screenplay written by Ammaniti for the second film by Alex Infascelli, "the vanity serum" (2003).

In the summer of 2004 came to Einaudi Stile Libero Big "hurts", which contains three stories (written together with Daniele Brolli, designed by Davide Fabbri), already published-partly-serialized in "unity".

On September 17, 2006 he married in secret location-with actress Lorenza Indovina.


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