Biography of Salvatore Accardo

Demiurge September 26, 1941

Who is Salvatore Accardo?

Those who heard him when he was in top form, namely between the 60 's and the late ' 80, can testify that Salvatore Accardo was really "super". Without doubt, one of the greatest violin talents of the 20th century, with an inclination to the enhancement of that Italian sound that doesn't have many representatives in the world (unlike, for example, Russian school). He enjoyed triumphant tributes throughout the world and has performed in the most famous international music festivals (such as those of Seville, Spoleto, Salzburg, Strasbourg, etc.).

Born in Naples on September 26, 1941 by father Vincenzo (known engraver of cameos and passionate violinist), has always said he tried from the earliest age the irresistible impulse to wield a violin. And when the father, forced by son's insistence, finally found one that suits her little hands, Salvatore astonished everyone with the ease with which reproduced melodies by ear listen to case. It was only three years old.

Slightly larger, became so urgent the need of serious studies and, after a series of private tutors, at the age of eight he was admitted to the Neapolitan school of v Maestro Luigi D'Ambrosio, immediately fascinated by the talent of the child. Two years after the boy appeared at the Conservatorio di s. Pietro a Maiella claiming lower achievement examinations whose program is normally played in five years.

Accardo continued to study with Davis and, in 1954, beating average achievement with all "ten out of ten". In June 1956, at the age of fifteen and at least five years, he obtained a high school diploma. Listened to by count Chigi (mythical benefactor of Italian music), he was sent to an honorary doctorate course at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena (founded by count), and had the privilege of giving a scholarship.

Front facing to the fore as high, virtuoso Salvatore Accardo received the first statements by winning the international competition in Vercelli in 1955, the international competition in Geneva in 1956, the Accademia Chigiana in 1957 and, after the Spring Trophy of RAI-TV in 1958, the same year he also won the prestigious International Contest "Niccolò Paganini" of Genoa. On the evening of the ceremony, performed the famous "Guarnieri del Gesù" belonged to the same P, author to him particularly suited for daring virtuoso technique.

The success achieved in Genoa marked the beginning of his extraordinary career as a violinist. The major European and American musical organizations tried to contenderselo with cachet, inviting them for millionaires is that solo performances by concert artist with the most famous Symphony Orchestras.

With human skills and communication skills, not his repertoire, particularly extensive, ranging from the eighteenth century to the historical avant-gardes and includes music and concertos by Bartok, Bach, Beethoven, Berg, Brahms, Bruch, Paganini, Prokofiev, Saint-Saens, Sibelius, Stravinsky, Vivaldi, Tartini, Ciaikovskj and so on. It has two very precious Stradivari violins, one dated 1718 and 1727 more.

Salvatore Accardo is also conductor and is still very active in the field, having recorded many works for violin.

In Naples is the promoter and artistic director of the cycles of concerts "music together" at the Villa Pignatelli, within "weeks", international music festivals that liven up the great musical tradition of the city. Salvatore Accardo has also received the highest honor, the Grand Cross of the Knight of the Italian President Sandro Pertini, in 1982.

To date, together with other Italian Uto Ughi, the international criticism the judges unanimously one of the greatest violinists alive.