Biography of Umberto Bossi

In the name of God While September 19, 1941

Who is Umberto Bossi?

Umberto Bossi was born in Cassano Magnago (Va) on September 19, 1941. Emanuela and married father of four children, began his political career in the late 70 's through the encounter, which took place at the University of Pavia, with Bruno Salvadori, leader of the Union Valdotaine that approaches the themes of autonomism. In terms of both leading studies chiaccherati padano (a catchphrase that often occupies the headlines), official data show that in high school, he attended the liceo scientifico and has taken medicine abandoned studies before graduation.

For the accuracy of the Government's Web site, as "specialized in applied electronics to medicine".

Always the Italian Government website informs, in the biography dedicated to Mr Bossi, "in 1979 comes into contact with the world of autonomist Alpine peoples and became the standard bearer in the Po Valley regions". Later, in the early 80 's, along with Giuseppe Leoni and Roberto Maroni, he founded the Lombard League, of which Bossi is appointed Secretary. From that moment begins a long period dedicated to the most fervent politics full of rallies, meetings and programs, and a tireless proselyte autonomist proceedings.

With patient and persistent work, convinced they can Po gather around him a large consensus, as reflected especially in the elections of 1987, the year of change. In fact, scraped together a nice number of votes, was obviously from the North, Bossi and his associates were able eventually to cross the threshold of Parliament. Umberto Bossi, the Northern League will then only, to enter the Senate, earning the designation still used against him, "Senatur".

In 1989 the Lombard League turns into Lega Nord, thanks to the Union of the party with the leagues of other regions of the North. Also in this case is the creator and main Bossi engine of this enlargement, initially opposed by a broad fringe of his party mates, hostile to change and wary of other political realities. Thanks to his fundamental work of Bossi is cohesion as expected Federal Secretary, a position he currently holds. In the same year he was also elected to the European Parliament.

Cornerstone of the policy pursued by the Senatur "is first of all the so-called" devolution ", i.e. the transfer by Government and by the Central Government to the regions of State legislative power in matters of social and individual relevance such as safety, health, work and study. Cascade, alongside this project, there is the battle against the Roman centralism and bureaucracy.

In April 1990, with the League has become a veritable mass party, Bossi invents the manifestation of Pontida, which will become a fixture in the League people. In the midst of all this important series of initiatives, these are also years waiting for the explosion of Tangentopoli, a momentous event which saw Bossi initially cheering and among his most ardent supporters of the pool of magistrates to investigate the intent corruption. Among the various inquiries is also touched upon Bossi in person and its alloy, for a matter related to an illegal financing of 100 million lire, apparently received by executives then Montedison. After the storm, is the time of the rescue.

After seven years of opposition to central political power and "thieving Rome", the 1992 elections registered a real growth of the League, which can lead to Rome 80 parliamentarians. At that juncture, among other things, Bossi accepts for the first time to enter the Executive personally (thanks to the first Berlusconi Government), and then to settle in the hated Roman "power. However, the passion of the federalist "Senatur" certainly not subsiding, so here it is, in June 1995, contribute to Parliament's Constitution Padano which meets for the first time in Bagnolo San Vito, in the province of Mantua.

A few months after the League causes fall of the Berlusconi Government, a maneuver that will go to the news as the "reversal". Now out of the Executive and after provoking a real political earthquake, Bossi brings to life, in September 1996, the celebrations of the "God Bit" (as he calls it), consisting of re-enactments of ancient rites and Po, via nebulizer, that river water flow with a relay to Venice, in order to be poured into the lagoon as a symbol and testimony of the "purity" of the North.

As a result, Bossi and Berlusconi have developed an understanding again, based on consistent promises of "devolution" of the seasoned entrepreneur and political federalist. Did the agreement, the League, along with Forza Italy and obtained excellent results in the elections of May 13, 2001. The Government again with Silvio Berlusconi, therefore, was awarded the "Senatur" Minister for Institutional reforms.

In 2004 resigns as Minister and Deputy, choosing to go to hold his seat at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

In the same year a stroke strikes causing pulmonary edema and brain Anoxia; rehabilitation forced him to a long hospital stay in Switzerland and a grueling recovery. Therefore you should stop political activity.

Bossi back on the political scene in early 2005. In the 2006 election campaign back to intervene in rallies and public meetings, to support the Northern League candidates to Parliament. He was elected Deputy however rejects the place to stay in the European Parliament.

Since May 2008 and until the middle of November 2011 is Minister without portfolio, Minister for reforms and federalism. On April 5, 2012 review his resignation as Secretary of Lega Nord: twenty years after 1992 elections exactly, remember how the first true political victory of the Northern League, the "senatùr" resigns as a result of the investigations carried out by the judiciary on the Treasurer of the Party (Francesco Belsito) that led to the alleged misappropriation of funds in favor of the family of political leaders.