Biography of Brigitte Bardot

Eroticism and energy September 28, 1934

Who is Brigitte Bardot?

Brigitte Bardot was born in Paris on the day of September 28, 1934 Louis ' Pilou ' Bardot, industrial, and Anne-Marie Mucel.

Considered a sexy icon in the 1950s, is nicknamed B.B.

Her debut as an actress on the big screen in avviena with the 1952 film "Le Trou Normand", directed by Jean Boyer. In the same year, only eighteen years old, she married Director Roger Vadim with whom he will live a romantic love story for many years.

During this period, the European cinema was in great development, but even considering that the rise of Brigitte Bardot in the star system is considered something extraordinary and exceptional: suffice it to mention that it will be one of the few European actresses to capture the attention of the media.

To her peers, a degree of image, icon-based symbols of female sexuality in the years ' 50 and ' 60, you will only be the American Marilyn Monroe.

B.B. 's films during the early 50 's are characterized by romantic stories, just engaged, some historical background; the French sometimes interpret parts-which often left to admire the viewer his beautiful physique-silly's heroines.

Having starred in over a dozen films, and Director husband Vadim is not satisfied with the little enhancement given to his beautiful wife by international critics, so try to promote it as an actress committed: works in the film "too much like (Et Dieu ... créa la femme, 1956)", with Jean-Louis Trintignant. The film tells the story of a free-spirited teenager who lives in a small town and respectable success that gets you great and transforms Brigitte Bardot in a celebrity world. At the same time, rumors of his relationship with co-star Trintignant, who then will prove unfounded.

During the era of Doris Day and Jane Russell, after her performance of "the French line" (1953) the critics think the Bardot showing her navel is pushed too far.

Brigitte Bardot appears with bit parts in three English-language films: the comedy Doctor at sea (1955) alongside Dirk Bogarde, the film "elaan of troyius" (1954), in which, having almost got the part of the protagonist reads instead as Helen's maid, and "Act of love" (1954) with Kirk Douglas. After expressing a velvety eroticism in "Mademoiselle Pigalle" (1956) and have completed an exhausting experience of life in Hollywood, especially for the discomfort of a different language, decides to return to Europe. His gains so that the bud of the 60 's Brigitte Bardot appears as a sex goddess of the Decade.

Separated by Roger Vadim in 1957, two years later goes on a new marriage with the actor Jacques Charrier. The couple's life is constantly followed by paparazzi. In 1960 he was born his only son, Nicolas-Jacques Charrier. Two years later (1962) is separated from the second husband.

This is also a period marked by disagreements over the direction of his career; If the movies interpreted increase thickness, the pressure at which the actress is subjected is getting heavier; Although seemed to find consensus with the critics, the rest of the world kept seeing in B.B. a glamour model.

In the early 60 's Brigitte Bardot retired in the South of France where it comes to attempting suicide.

Among the films of this decade include "private life" (1961), directed by Louis Malle, that contains more than one autobiographical element. The scene where, coming home, the character played by Bardot meets a middle-aged lady who insults her, is based on an episode really happened, and sheds some light on the lesser-known aspects of stardom in the mid-20th century. Coated film COMPAR as "Viva Maria" (1969), moves a few steps in pop music and lives in his role as a female icon. In 1965 plays herself in the Hollywood production "Erasmo dear Brigitte" alongside James Stewart.

After separating from Charrier remarried in 1966 with the rich German playboy Gunther Sachs: the relationship lasts only three years. The bride then in 1992 at the age of 58 years-Bernard of Ormal, French right-wing politician, with whom he lives, in all probability, the best of her marriages.

Between the various reports that have been attributed include those with Serge Gainsbourg ("bad boy" of French music: singer-songwriter, musician, lyricist, poet and painter), with the singer Sacha Distel. you have been given even a flirtation with Jimi Hendrix.

The writer Marguerite Duras Brigitte Bardot has been defined as "the impossible dream of a married man".

His first movie-remember "Manina, naked girl" (1952)-as well as her appearances at Cannes and in many albums, contributed to the spread in those years the popularity of bikinis.

Brigitte Bardot was also one of the first divas to perform on occasion, topless. While in France the topless was fairly common in the U.S.A. this aroused scandal. The icon is perfectly incastonava of B.B. in eccentric fashion 60 's became-like Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy-subject paintings of Andy Warhol.

The sculptor Alain Gourdon in 1970 for the realization of a bust of Marianne, the French national emblem will be guided precisely to Brigitte Bardot.

Just before his 40th birthday, in 1974, the actress announces her retirement. With more than fifty films behind, after having published and several drives-especially with Serge Gainsbourg-choose to devote themselves to safeguarding the rights of animals.

In 1986 he created the "Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the welfare and protection of animals" with allocating 3 million francs collected auctioning several personal items, including jewelry. For all following years worldwide will be one of the most influential animal rights activists as well as tenacious opponent to the consumption of horse meat.

In 2003 published the book "a cry in the silence". The views expressed in his book are considered racist and offensive to Muslims and homosexuals, and the protests that followed were violent. On June 10, 2004 Brigitte Bardot is sentenced by a French court for "incitement to racial hatred" and to pay a fine of 5000 Euro (it was the fourth condemnation suffered by you as a result of the aforementioned book). In 2008 is ordered to pay a fine of 15000 euros for inciting hatred toward the Muslim community.

In particular were doubted the steps of "Islamisation of France" and "underground and dangerous penetration of Islam" (the French Muslim community is the largest in Europe). In the book quoted homosexuals are defined as "freaks" and condemns the presence of women in the Government. Earlier the former actress was sentenced for opinions favourable to massacres of civilians in Algeria.