Biography of Jury Chechi

Lord of the rings October 11, 1969

Who is Jury Chechi?

Great gymnast, athlete nicknamed for his total mastery of the discipline "the Lord of the rings," Jury Chechi was born on October 11, 1969 in Prato. The Youth Jury is not particularly gifted physically, nor especially muscular, but immediately expresses an innate vividness and a great desire to experience everything he sees around him, jumping or climbing, so much so that his mother, honest housewife, is literally desperate.

In telling the family's decision to take him to the gym, he said: "When, at the age of five I ran my first Tzukahara getting up out of bed to go to kindergarten, my family saw my gymnastics career. For this reason, after several detached chandeliers, sofas smashed and some neurotic crisis-hysterical my mom committed, I was led, at the age of seven, gym Etruria lawn where my sports career began under the expert guidance of Tiziano Adofetti ".

There is no doubt that the red-haired lad and the unexpected gifts, which are well hidden look promising. He trained intensely and develops a good technique: begins to participate in races. The beginnings are promising, whereas the first important appointment does not fail. This is the Tuscan regional Championship of 1977, which ranks first. The joy is great, Jury is in seventh heaven as well as family members, proud to have glimpsed since the beginning, the right path to take to his son.

In 1984 is called in national junior but, in order to continue doing high-level gymnastics, is forced to move in Varese, at the National Center directed by Bruno Franceschetti, a great coach that from that moment will become his shadow. Jury doesn't disappoint: after preparation made with Fenech begins a series of important victories. WINS consecutively the Italian Championships from 1989 to 1995, the Mediterranean Games, the universiades and the European Cup. Other relief are the four European titles to the rings (1990, 1992, 1994, 1996), the five world titles, always to the rings (from 1993 to 1997) and the coveted Gold medal at the Olympics in Atlanta 1996.

However, you must specify one important fact, namely that the Jury, in the middle of his brilliant career, has suffered a trauma that could stop it forever, namely Achilles tendon rupture, broke a month before the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Jury will go to those Olympics just as a commentator. Qattro years later recovered, will return winner thanks to his immense willpower.

After the misfortune continued to haunt him with other serious accidents.

A bad arm injury prevented him from participating in the Sydney Olympics 2000 questioning your whole career. Jury declared: "I will not abandon itself to my choice. The physical problem there and then I no longer have the age to get back out there and most of all I miss the motivations. But I want to feel a victim. I'm a lucky athlete who has achieved its goals, capping off his dream of sporting. That's why I want all I remember smiling in Atlanta, with gold neck and not injured and sad. "

In the year 2001 Jury Chechi was elected President of the national athletes of CONES, a position he held for the 2001-2004 Olympic quadrennium.

The sample, always keen and intelligent in his public appearances, has also voiced against the rampant and worrying phenomenon of doping, using beautiful and meaningful words which we quote in full: "I believe that sport is first and foremost a great school of life; I sport I had the satisfaction of success, but my life everyday I live by following the teaching that this school gave me: respect for one's opponent, respect for rules and, above all, respect for oneself and for one's own body. Those who make use of performance-enhancing drugs does not comply with the rules, does not respect the opponent and does not respect himself, much less their health, abusing their bodies. Said in other words those who make use of doping is a cheater. Dear guys, do you also think that meets more a defeat clean, which a victory gained by cheating? ".

In 2004 Athens Olympics reappered Jury with a great desire for redemption. With great pride he was to carry the Italian flag during the opening ceremony. In 33 years of the Olympiad in Athens was his last chance, and Jury Chechi throw down with great merit earned the achievement of reaching the podium: the Medal was bronze but sporting and human value far exceeded that of most precious metal. Basically all the Italian fans knew that the rings give magical powers.

In the spring of 2005, he released his book "Jury" (written with Charles Annese, the Gazzetta dello Sport), a sport history autobiographical, but above all a real motivational book, that tells how to find in themselves the strength to overcome obstacles and get to win.