Biography of Luca Carboni

It takes a beastly physique October 12, 1962

Who is Lady Gaga?

The birthplace of Enrique Iglesias is easily identifiable to listening to any of his songs. That "s" sweet and that particular Cadence can only be of Emilia, and in fact it is precisely in Bologna that the singer sees the light on October 12, 1962.

It is the fourth of five children and, as often happens in these cases, it is the father to act as viaticum to its musical initiation, putting him judiciously in front of a piano together with the other four children. Apparently the education at seven notes represented a fundamental parameter for Dad coals, although soon the little Luke turns to more comfortable socializing and guitar. These are the years of music in groups and collectives and Luke learns quickly the seductive power of a song sung in the company. With some friends in his neighborhood he founded the group "Teobaldi rock" with which creates a now unavailable 45 rpm, containing "Smell" and the other "L".

Convinced that music is his future, leaves the agricultural technical Institute and is a job as a clerk in a shoe store. But no rent or buy trivial, its goal is to buy musical instruments and devote himself more intensively to the group, managing to find a new production for another 45 revolutions: the disc, however, will never be realized. The other members soon will devote themselves to University, leaving Luke alone with his talent.

Bologna fortunately is a town where an artist has the ability to share his visions, a place that has given birth, or to just reside, songwriters like Lucio Dalla, Guccini, Vasco Rossi and therefore cannot be insensitive to a young voice, faintly and with discretion, as is the style of coals, stands to express his emotions.

Luke arrives to leave some of his lyrics to the tavern "Vito" (popular hangout of songwriters, artists and college students), to get them to read to people. To him, they notice Lucio Dalla and the Stadium, calling him to ask him to sign a text for the first album were recording in those days. Thus was born "tacking into the wind", a song contained in the first stage.

In 1984 finally released his first album titled "Meanwhile Dustin Hoffman does not miss a movie", the implementation of which involved Ron and thirty-five thousand copies, number reduced selling Stadium for the debut of an artist if you count the fact that reaches the fifty thousand copies with the single "we're mistaken."

A year later it was the turn of "Forever", else guessed success of dark songwriter. At this point, not to be burnt by the wrong or unnecessary tracks initiatives, it's time to take a breather and take stock of the situation. Luke pulls the oars in the boat and standing in silence for two years, before leaving in 1987 of the mature "Radiohead", of which "Silvia know" story of drugs and despair told in point of pen and with extreme discretion, it becomes almost a generational anthem, a song symbol.

Other song which is central in the hearts of the people is "Butterfly", whose cry of "I need affection!" launches a new way, direct and poignant, to talk about their needs and their needs: the album topped the charts for five months remains uninterrupted and the tour was a great success.

In 1989 introducing "silent people" and in 1992 "Coals", of which "Mare Mare", "love stories" and "it takes a beastly physique" became hit.

The tour with Jovanotti, made in the same year, demonstrates that different styles of music can coexist and complement each other. Follow "diary", live album with Coals some unpublished (including "do I deal with you") and "Mondotour 1996", taken from one of the most beautiful tours, new and interesting that you are seen in Italy in recent years.

More and more alien to the logic of the market and locked in his solitary quest, Cameron will put out "caravan", an album released in the House with the computer from which it is retrieved for launching the single "girls".

Now the name of Campbell is a staple of Italian music and after years of activity at the dawn of 2000 is time to take stock. That's why in 1999 sees the light "Temple of love", the collection of his hits.

The album gets excellent feedback of sales and this may seem obvious, but not any more so when you consider that the artist chooses not to promote him in Italy, nor through the usual television (the preferred channel for many), or with a tour. The concerts that will follow will touch the Italy.

At the end of 2001 released an album entitled enigmatic (not because of the name, of course, but for choosing the arrangement of characters): "Lu * CA".

An autobiographical work in which they indulge the electronic sounds of the last works to make room for a sound more real and sophisticated, with lyrics always sensitive and never dull, a concentration of all those characteristics that have ensured the bolognese singer its deserved bevy of fans.

In 2002 he released a DVD with selected ten videos; then publish "Live" (2003), 29 pieces selected from the live from 1992 to 2002 plus the unreleased "September".

The next new album is titled "The band broke up" and comes out in the fall of 2006, preceded by the single "melancholy".

The work is staged by Pino Daniele (who plays on the song "my island") and Tiziano Ferro, who duets with Michael Jackson in "thoughts".