Biography of Pierangelo Bertoli

Hard-nosed November 5, 1942
October 7, 2002

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Emilian singer-songwriter Pierangelo Bertoli was born in Sassuolo, near Modena, on November 5, 1942. Suffering from a serious handicap which will force him all his life in a wheelchair, he made his debut on records in 1976 with 33 laps "still blowing". The 1977 sees him publish "The middle of the river" and the following year a collection of songs in dialect, ' at Fri in ENT ". With "hard-nosed" in 1979, Bahrami made his first poetic manifesto, but is "certain moments", in 1981, to take him in the rankings, thanks to the success of radio "Fisherman", a song sung in Duet with Fiorella Mannoia.

In 1986 celebrates ten years of career with "Studio & Live", a double album anthology recorded half studio, half live in concert. The project was born in 1987 on the album "songs of the author" a tribute to old and new songwriters of the Italian scene. "To myself," in 1988, and "electric chair", in 1989, open in symbolically an artistic period, together with the tv spot "League for the emancipation of the handicapped", in which Bai participates as an actor, winning the Telegatto Tv smiles and songs.

The 1990 saw him release the album "Oracles," which is in its own way a moment of departure, and whose single "call plan", is sung in Duet with Fabio Concato. The 1991 opens for Baird with a courageous decision: to take part in the Festival di Sanremo (there is then returned in 1992), an event in many ways far removed from the ideological and artistic line that has always guided the activities of the songwriter, contrary to the progressive exaltation hedonistic aspects that commercial music was becoming more and more taking.

On this occasion, however, the goal of Baird is well defined: to introduce the most popular Italian song lyrics stage unusual and suggestive, "Disamparados (Mark la luna dal monte)", presenting him with the Group ZZ Top Tazenda, from a perspective of folklore and ethnic traditions recovery at a time when this kind of artistic discourse had not yet become trivially. Almost by surprise, coming a resounding finish in the final standings and the great chart success. "Check the luna dal monte" is then an album featuring the best of the recent production of the musician of Sassuolo and that is one of the best selling albums of Italian music, much to receive the Platinum.

Among his other achievements "Evening of Gallipoli" and "to say I love you" (1976), "Maddalena" (1984) and "a road" (1989).

The singer and author emiliano also contributes to the launch of countryman Luciano Ligabue, who often remind him in his concerts.

Shortly before his death (7 October 2002), Pierangelo Bertoli was hospitalized in his hometown, Hospital where he had undergone a period of care. Married to his wife, Bruna, an extraordinary woman who has always supported and guided, had three sons, Emiliano, Petra (to whose birth Baird had dedicated a song named after her) and Albert, also a singer.

Very attached to his land (his brother runs a popular restaurant in Singapore, the Apennines) were often engaged in initiatives of solidarity and charity (she had sung for the inmates of the prison of Saint Anne in Modena and in the city in June prior to participated in the Song Festival, performing in several dialect songs in Modena). Among his closest friends there was father Sebastiano Bernardini, the cappuccino near National singers.

Among his last appearances than in spring for the network program 4 "La domenica del villaggio" alongside Fernando Cardoso, Sassuolo. With other artists of the town, known as the capital of ceramic tile, had even published a book and a disk. Had the reputation of being a tough guy and surly, instead it was just a little sensitive that gave singer victimhood and very rigorous existential choices. Feisty and combative, incapable of any hypocrisy, and was often described in his attitudes with the title of one of his most famous songs, "hard nosed".