Julie Andrews biography

Evergreen Magìe October 1, 1935

Who is Julie Andrews?

Born on October 1, 1935 in Walton-on-Thames, Julie Andrews view from an innate talent in singing and acting. Theatre debut takes place on Broadway with the show "The Boy Friend", then plays as well as other classics like "Camelot" and "My Fair Lady".

The film that makes it famous and popular one is "Mary Poppins" shot as protagonist (along with Dick Van Dyke) at the age of twenty-seven, and the subsequent film "All together" the consecrated as one of the most popular actresses of the 1960s. In this movie the Andrews plays the character of Mary.

For the movie "Mary Poppins" received the Oscar for best actress. In 1966 is signed by director Alfred Hitchcock film "torn curtain", with Paul Newman. But it's not just the movies to thrill the versatile and eclectic Julie Andrews: hired by the Publisher Harper Collins, "writes children's stories and his best-selling are highly appreciated.

In the 1990s, undergoes surgery on his vocal cords (not successful) and for a period of time should give up singing. After the recovery of his extraordinary voice, back to the movie comedies, such as "Prince charming" and wanted "the Princess Diaries".

In 1959 goes with the costume and set designer Tony Walton, from which divorced in 1967. The two have a daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. Two years later, in 1969, he married his second wife, the American filmmaker Blake Edwards, with whom he shares both the private life that work.

The first film made together is a musical, entitled "operation Crepes Suzette", but it definitely works. The artistic collaboration between the two reaches amazing results with the film "10", a comedy in which she starred with Julie Andrews and Bo Derek Dudley Moore (in 1979).

In the film "Victor/Victoria" the Andrews plays the difficult role of a woman who performs as drag queen in Parisian clubs of the 1930s. This film is considered one of the masterpieces created by Blake Edwards. The latest work shared between husband and wife dates back to 1995.

Julie Andrews is not only an actress well known and appreciated by audiences of all ages, but is a true cultural icon. His character echoes often in popular culture, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. The image of Julie is often linked to the gay community, and British actress, in an interview, said that he is flattered.

Scholars of feminist and homosexual culture have delved into this aspect, reaching conclusions somewhat interesting and curious. The strong personality of Andrews WINS gay viewers who see in her a "Mary Poppins" anarchist, independent and without any pre-established scheme.

Here are some other interesting facts about this famous actress: it seems that the rock star Michael Jackson had a fondness for the song sung by Julie Andrews, titled "My favorite things"; also the warm voice of Julie was used to welcome the passengers in line air British Airways; the actress has appeared several times on television asking for support to the people of Haiti.