Biography of Luigi Albertini

Column of the "Courier"
19 October 1871
December 29, 1941

Who is Luigi Albertini?

Luigi Albertini was born in Ancona on 19 January 1871. Young student in law, first in Bologna and then in Turin where he attended Luigi Einaudi, Saverio Nitti, Luigi Roux-already manifested a keen interest in social and economic sciences and a passion for journalism. The latter leads him, in 1896, after a short stay in London, at Corriere della Sera, called by the owner Torelli Viollier-the other partner Dangriga is the entrepreneur Crespi-who invents for him the role of "editorial office", and he was not long to be appreciated.

At the beginning of 1900 he was appointed Managing Director and, after the death of Torelli Viollier, which took place on 26 April, the property entrusted to him the prestigious role of managing editor and, implicitly, that of political Director, previously held by the member died.

Luigi Albertini Emboss the paper a clear liberal-conservative imprint became a fierce opponent of Giovanni Giolitti, who complains that the responsibility of a political class ethically reprehensible and very little interest in the regions of southern Italy.

With the company "Luigi Albertini and c." detects a share of the property of the head, at a time of deep crisis in sales and, within a few years, doubles the copies and far surpasses the competitor historical "Century". Born in 1899 in the glorious "Domenica del Corriere". Retains the leadership of the "Courier" for twenty years, turning it into one of the most prestigious in Europe.

Appointed Senator in the 1914 war in support of the intervention takes a stand, by starting a campaign to that effect even from the pages of his newspaper. Following new commitments related to political office in 1921 he gave the newspaper with his brother Albert.

Initially sympathetic to Fascism takes soon after, and firmly, distances, much to be induced, ever more frequent following pressure and intimidation of the regime, to abandon all activities and withdraw from public life, while retaining, for another four years, Senator.

Taking advantage of his condition of weakness i Crespi manage to acquire its ownership stakes, opened entirely from the newspaper.

In the years following Albertini is dedicated, with excellent results, agriculture, and begins to entrust to pen his twenty years of political experience. Composes two impressive works, both published after his death: "the origins of the war of 1914", in three volumes, and "twenty years of political life, 1898-1918", in five volumes.

Luigi Albertini goes off at the age of 70 years, in Rome, on December 29, 1941. Among other works of Luigi Albertini remembers "the matter of 8 hours of work", 1894. Other collections of writings, speeches and letters came out posthumously.