Biography of Mario Balan

A modern Dr Azzecca-Garbugli October 22, 1942

Who is Mario Balan?

Mario Giulio Bochi was born in Ravenna on October 22, 1942, Lieutenant Mario Balan (1913-1942), whose memory was named after a street in the city of Perugia (district of origin of the family) as a victim of war.

After studying and a period of intercontinental navigation in Shipping (Northern Europe and North America), the young Mario nears the technical sector of insurance. In 1962 begins the technical consultant for various insurance companies and for the Court of Ravenna. Five years later he was called to Turin at the general direction of the Group Toro Assicurazioni acting, first by liquidator claims, then head of direction, following Official Claims to the Internal Audit Department for claims and finally Cape group claims service Assistant (Toro, Victoria, Allsecures and keeping power).

In 1985 Mario is hired by the Group GPA, headed by former Managing Director at Milan of Toro and Dott.ssa Letizia Moratti, group claims Service Manager, with duties of assistance and advice to various outside companies. In 1992 following the Dott.ssa Letizia Moratti in Italy acquired first Broker Aon Nikols/d, as an executive head of group claims and claims settlement activities Coordinator. It also appointed to the Board of Directors of the subsidiary's SpA and EURA Nikols Srl. In 1987 is called as head coach of European Insurance Service Group, with liability claims service and Managing Director of the subsidiary Ubint Ltd (company specialized in transport of Group C).

Since 2000 is called by the Managing Director to head the UniCredit Broker claims service SpA, Unicredit Group, claims management: of the New York Office, Bank insurance, networks for large customers and commercial offices Line Companies in Milan, Turin, Brescia, Verona, Rome, Bologna and Naples.

In his long professional career, Mario Balan, was for the Toro group, a component of several working groups in ANIA; for group GPA, Counselor of the Presidency AIBA, Letizia Moratti, with relations to "Social insurance" and "Design Observatory Law Amiable on reforming RCA"; for the Foundation Brichetto, he was a member of the CERAP-social security Insurance Research Centre, Bocconi University; for the company Aon Nikols, FederChimica and consultant-National Federation of notaries; for the company Aon-LV Broker consultant to Assopiastrelle of Confindustria Modena.

It was also listed in the following undertakings: 1965 technical consultant (CTU) at the Court of Ravenna; 1994 Director at the Italian Confederation of executives (CIDA); 1995 Broker at the Italian Association Insurance Brokers (AIBA); 1997 Broker in the register of Brokers of insurance and reinsurance; 2007 insurance and Reinsurance Broker registry Only RUI, section b.

Mario, thanks to its proven track record in the insurance sector, has also edited and published the consultative Manual of all branches-"... What to do in case of an accident "(Antares Publishing 1993)-distributed to customers deemed most important and presented the following draft business technique: the accident not only as cost-" the liquidation delegated to Broker "; Customer profitability-"Sinister Cost Centre"; Method of comparative analysis of "Sinister Factor in company of the customer".

She attended the following courses and master outdoor: 1) human resource management-Forrad SpA (dr. Costa); 2) business administration-Forrad SpA (Dr. Pocar) 3) staff assessment-Forrad SpA (Dr. Triulzi); 4) teamwork-Forrad SpA (Dr. Pocar); 5) Internal Auditing/methods and procedures-consult srl (Dr. Wilmen); 6) evaluation of persons-CSG Ltd (d. Siata); 7) The management by objectives-Time Management (Rag. Della Valle); 8) Strategic Marketing-North (d. Obaji); 9) the company and its resources-North (Prof.ssa Pal); 10) quality of service (Customer Satisfaction)-Reference Group (Dr. Madani); 11) the new criminal procedure code-S.A.I. ( g. Andreis); 12) unfair terms-Cerap-Bocconi University (Prof. A. D. Candian); 13) machinery directive and Law 626/94 (and DL 242/96)-ITA srl (Dr. Guariniello, Avv. Petriga Nicolosi and Avv. O Brien); Law 626/94 Yards 14) directives (and DL 494/96)-Assinform Srl (Dr. Dal Cin and Dr. Abbott)

He organized and managed as a teacher the following courses for companies ' internal ', which was dependent, or "external" (at client companies and for AIBA): 1) evaluation and Technical Appraisal Auto claims; 2) 990 Law and subsequent amendments; 3) The CID-direct settlement Convention; 4) The RCO and its implications; 5) Mechanical Workers in RCT and RCA; 6) The "Impartiality" in the RCT; 7) the RC of the physician and informed consent; 8) connections between civil and criminal matters in RCT and RCA; 9) effect and scope Art. ANIA 13 Rules for settling claims;

10) The Achilles tendon in the Accident; 11) "duress clause in policies; 12) the RC administrators; 13) obligatory Insurance INAIL; 14) the premium and the perverse effects of marine casualties; 15) the concept of Accidence in RCT; management Clause 16) Lite in the RC; RC Clause 17) in Cumulative Injury Insurance; 18) The "Claims Procedure" highly integrated; 19) course AIBA "policies and the attendant claims"; 20) the RCT in Indirect Coinsurance (1910 CC); 21) the biological damage and his theory, moral damage and financial loss; 22) The new code of criminal procedure and insurance; 23) The new code of civil procedure and insurance; Legal/insurance Basic Course 24); 25) accident policy and "other insurance" contractual effect; 26) WORKERS ' COMPENSATION law reform and effect on RCO; direct and Coinsurance clause 27) delegation (1911 CC); 28) The RCO and occupational diseases.

Finally, he handled remarkable entity and/or individual claims procedures for claims range packaged specifically for the following clients: Air Liquide, Aeronautica Macchi imported, Alcatel, professional footballers Association series A, B and C, Autogril, Milan, Banca dell'etruria Polar Bank, Banco Ambrosiano, and Credito Emiliano, Credito Varesino, municipalities of Rho and Saronno, Ente Fiera Milano, Gruppo Cabassi, CapItalia group , Cremonini group, UniCredit group, Dalmine, Esselunga, Falk, Ferrovie dello Stato, Gianni Versace, National Basketball League, Merzario, Montefibre, Montedison, Ramazzotti, Recordati, Regione Lombardia, Rinascente, Rizzoli Corriere della Sera, Saint Gobain, San Pellegrino, Teatro alla Scala, Techint Group Rocca, Tourig Italian Club.

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