Definition of early pregnancy

Early pregnancy is that which takes place with girls and adolescent girls. From puberty, the body of the girl undergoes transformations after which she becomes a woman able to reproduce sexually. However, this does not mean that the girl is ready and even less prepared to live motherhood. After several studies, early pregnancy is more frequent. This is a priority issue in public health because of the high mortality risk it represents. Newborn babies of teenage mothers, in general, have a very low weight and tend to be premature.
Early pregnancy has some connection with the social situation, which has to do with a lack of education reproductive and sexual behaviour, lack of self-consciousness to the age and other factors, such as poverty (which obliges to live under conditions of overcrowding, for example). It may also be that early pregnancy occur a violation.
It is common that early pregnancy be condemned from the point of view social and familiar. The pregnant adolescent is considered 'guilty' a 'junk' status and therefore tends to be discriminated against without being able to count on the help she needs. It is for this reason that the experts emphasize that the early mother must count on the support of his family and be accompanied by medical visits and care.
In any case, doctors insist it is important to work on the prevention of teenage pregnancy through awareness-raising campaigns, sex education courses and free distribution of contraceptive methods.

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