Definition of investment project

A project (from the latin proiectus) is a set of coordinated and interconnected activities aimed at the fulfilment of a specific end. In general, a period of time (the delay) and a budget are determined to achieve this goal, why a project is a plan or a programme.
An investment, moreover, is the placement of capital for future earnings. In other words, by investing, resigns immediate profit by an uncertain benefit.

That said, an investment project is a proposal for action which, from the use of the resources and means available, considers it possible to obtain profits. These benefits, which are not certain, can be achieved in the short, medium or long term.

All investment projects include the collection and assessment of factors that directly influence the offer and the demand of a product. This is what is called market research that determines on what segment of the market project will focus as well as the quantity of product to be marketed.

In short, an investment project is a plan to which are assigned a capital, material, human and technical resources. The goal is to generate an economic return on a given period. To do this, it is essential to secure long-term resources.

The stages of the investment project include the identification of an idea, a study of the market, the decision to invest, the administration of the investment and the evaluation of the results. The project in either is analyzed by several experts.

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