Definition of logistics

English logistics, logistics is all the means and methods that achieve at best a business or service organization. The logistics of undertaking involves a certain order in the process concerning the production and marketing of goods.

This is the reason for which it is said that logistics is the bridge or the link between production and the market. The physical distance and time separate the activity of production of point of sale: logistics takes over to join the production and market using his techniques.

In business, logistics involves planning and resource management tasks. Its role is to implement and monitor effectively the materials and the products. Since the point of origin to the point of consumption, with the aim of meeting the needs of the consumer at the lowest possible cost.

The origin of logistics lies in the military context, where the Organization tended to ensure the movement and maintenance of troops in the field. In wartime, efficiency to store and transport elements is vital. Otherwise, the soldiers are likely to be in lack of means/resources to cope with the harshness of the fighting.

From these experiences, business logistics is responsible for studying how place the goods and services at the appropriate place and at the moment, and under adequate conditions. This allows companies to respond to the needs of their customers and to obtain the best possible profitability.

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