Definition of Symposium

The latin term collŏqui ("converse", "confer") derived in colloquĭum, who arrived in our language under the designation of Symposium. The concept refers to the conversation or maintenance between at least two people. For example: "the colloquy between the leaders of the club ended with the dismissal of coach", "After a brief Conference, Jean and Marie decided to leave", "Yvonne and her father began a Symposium as soon as they learned the news.
Another use of the concept of Conference has to do with the meeting to discuss a question or a problem, with the participation of a limited number of people. In this sense, the word Symposium can be associated with Roundtable (or Panel), conference, panel or anything just debate. Those who participate in the Symposium exchanged views and experiences, in the presence of an audience: "I was summoned to participate in a symposium with other managers," "Yesterday I attended a symposium of experts in climate change and I learned a lot of things on the nature", "scientists who were part of the Symposium showed dissatisfaction due to the low state support.

One of the more traditional Latin America symposia is the Colloquium of IDEA (Institute for Entrepreneurial Development of the Argentina), which has more than 45 editions and already attended some important managers and political leaders.

The Symposium of dogs", on the other hand, is the name of one of the twelve best news of the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes. The name derives from the Conference definition associated with a kind of literary composition in the form of dialogue.

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