Definition of focus

Focus is the action and the effect of focus or develop. The verb focus, in what concerns it, has more than one meaning after the Treasury of the French language computerized (TLFi): focus in/on a point (an aspiration, for example); focus various elements, put together them; focus (on a point or an essential issue). This term may therefore designate the action focus, would be focused or focus. It comes to concentrate his attention or the attention of someone (an audience, for example) on a specific point on something. It is the action to focus or concentrate on an object. The concept of focus can also refer to the action that is to converge at a point radiation, be it a beam of light, a lens, a sound wave or beams of electrons.
In electronics and physics, this term is synonymous with concentration. This is the case, for example, the television where it comes to reduce the dimensions of the surface of impact of the beam of electrons on the screen of a picture tube, so as to ensure a good reproduction of the details of the image as well as a maximum sharpness. In other words, it is something to the point, such as the lens of a camera or any other optical device. Focus has a technical meaning in this regard.

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