Definition of understanding

The concept of understanding means action to understand and the faculty, the ability or the insightful capture and assimilate things. Understanding is therefore a tolerant attitude and all of the qualifications incorporating an idea. Understanding is also, after le Trésor de la Langue Française computerized (TLFi), seek to justify the actions and feelings of someone, be forgiving towards others. For example: "I can understand that you're afraid but you really have to go talk to him."
The reading comprehension (or text), from the other hand, is the process of develop meanings through the learning of the major ideas of a text and the relationship with other preliminary ideas. During this process, the player interacts with the text.
The reading comprehension requires skills of anticipation, prediction, inference, and paraphrases, of others. Text can be understood in the literal level (focusing on the information explicitly exposed), inferential level (when you are looking for relationships that go beyond what is read), the critical level (when it issues, based way, a value about a text judgement) or emotional level (including the previous cognitive dimensions and an emotional response) for example.
There is mention that hermeneutics (from the Greek hermeneutike, "art explain / interpret ') is the theory of reading, explanation and interpretation of the texts to determine the exact meaning of the words by which a thought or sentence has been expressed.
To conclude, we will retain that, in the field of logic, understanding a concept refers to the set of characters belonging to the same concept. Thus, the 'man' concept is understanding '' animal '' and 'rational '.

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