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The alternate word we use in our language to indicate to that or the one who supplies, replaces another at their functions. In the activity, profession, or task that is, alternate has the knowledge, abilities, skills, than the one who overrides to in this way does not cause a blunder or a complication in the activity that takes place.
In the field of sport and education is where we find mainly the concept of alternate since in these so called professional that comes with the mission to deploy the same work that the owner was. It occurs usually resulted from any illness, injury or particular problem the owner suffering from and which then hinders their activity.
The teacher or substitute teacher, for example, will deal with cover, replace, a teacher who belongs to the regular and permanent plant and entered into license for x reason, functions that correspond and within the educational institution that it has contracted as such.
On the other hand, in sport, a substitute player is that while it integrates active and official site of a team that disputed competition, remains in what is known as a surrogate and case does not integrate basic and regular training. Usually, before the injury, or any other event that suffers a titular player will be in place entering the alternate player. Although there are alternate players who have a great quality of play, normally, you are relegated in general for not being part of the first team consideration.
Most common synonyms for this word include those of interim and Assistant, while both, the concept that opposes him is the owner, just used to nominate that individual who exercises a charge or a profession with a title and official way, i.e., that the institution or organization which depends on deemed cash and authorized.
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