What is the Meaning & Definition finish

The word end supports various applications...
One of the most recurring and widespread uses is one that concerns put an end to a certain thing or matter, i.e., finish it, finish it. I can't believe, finally, I finished the school, actually was very exhausted.
Another highlight of the word finish allows us to refer the expenses or the exhaustion of something, such as: sugar ended me, I have to leave already itself to buy more.
On the other hand, end also refers to finish something with extreme care. I have very well been the completion of this sweater, you should redo the part of termination.
Also, when something is a term often used the word end to account for this. The birthday is over will be better that we start to withdraw.
Also, put an end to something, destroy it, implies also end. I have finished with all the fleas that did nest in my house, this disinfectant is really very effective.
When something has given way or shot at its end, in its final is often used the word end to refer to it. The dress I got for party ended in punta.
And the expression end with someone, very used at the behest of the current language, concerns have stopped dealing with a person, a friend, a family member, the co-worker, an acquaintance. Maria ended up with her boyfriend after discovering her infidelity.
Meanwhile, words such as: complete, end, conclude, end, finish, finalize and settle used recursively as synonym of finish. Start and start, are two terms that are directly opposed to the concept of end.
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