What is the Meaning & Definition of afternoon

The afternoon is a concept that refers to what happens, belongs or relates to the afternoon. Afternoon, somehow, is the second part of the day and the first is the morning once he completes this leads to night. The afternoon begins once reached noon and comes to an end in the evening.
Meanwhile, the activities carried out during this time of the day it known popularly as evening, such as evening mass, evening the pool draw, the evening newspaper and evening shift.
This suggests that there is a lot of activities that take place throughout the day, morning, afternoon and night, it is therefore necessary that they are identified through the morning concepts (what happens or takes place in the morning), the aforementioned evening (in the afternoon) and night (what takes place during the night (, after the afternoon) so there is no confusion.
But as we said there are activities that are indistinct and regardless of any schedule, activities more common that they are held during evening hours are the following: going to school, sports, napping, tea, study, go to the consultation with the doctor.
On the other hand, the newspaper which is published in the afternoon it is known popularly as evening. In the evening are published drawings of the pool which was held in the morning, there, sure you will find them.
Then, the concept of evening is at odds with the morning (linked to the early hours of the day) and night (linked to the hours of the night).
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