What is the Meaning & Definition of art

He is known with the name of the art to all artistic manifestations that were developed in the first decades of the 20th century and which are characterized by the emphasis placed on innovation and in the confrontation with the canonized aesthetic standards. To understand the phenomenon, one need only look the term which gives it its name; the vanguard is the line that comes into contact for the first time with the enemy, i.e. is the most advanced. Thus, one of the main objectives of the avant-garde was creating school, start a new trend away from the past.
The social context in which the Vanguards were developed was extremely agitated. The consequences of the industrial revolution were still fresh when the first world war and the Russian Revolution, charting a new political map. As made an aggravating circumstance of this troubled situation, the economic system was suffering its most serious crisis in the history. It is therefore, important changes that were suffering and feeling that could contribute positively to them, seeking the avant-garde have social interference through his art. Thus, a work already was not only intended to contemplation, but to reflect these changes.
Some examples of these movements are: Dadaism, which emphasizes the unreasonable, in the rebellion and the destructive; surrealism, which is based on the tenets of Freud about the unconscious trying to reflect on the work; futurism, which was inspired by technical advances; ultraísmo, favoring the free verse and the development of metaphor; Cubism, representing reality through geometric shapes; Expressionism, emphasizing the Interior experiences; and Fauvism, which purported to express feelings using colors.
In general, the Vanguards failed to prosper, mainly for lack of sustenance himself and only based on the rejection of other trends. However, needed to recognize that they have had an important influence on the artistic creations of the 20th century and the now.
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