What is the Meaning & Definition of assumption

An assumption turns out to be consideration of a matter or situation as certain. If we are not to his birthday party, surely, Maria, it will get angry a lot, we will have to make the effort.
Also, what you assume or take for granted is a guess. I guess at this point should already have reached the aircraft, we must hurry.
And at the behest of logic, an assumption implies the meaning of one word rather than another.
Whenever we say something we will be making a conjecture, i.e. forming us an opinion based on facts and observations that we made, or alternatively, through comparisons that we do with regard to facts or similar situations that we have already crossed promptly in the past.
Although recurrence refers without distinction of supposition and hypothesis, they are not the same, nor much less, since the hypothesis is the next step that comes to the provisional conclusion of a work, which is particularly by observation and experimentation of the case in question.
Then, for better, recognizing it a presumption, always find ourselves with the following characteristics: data attributed to are real, data is mentioned as insurance, there is an investigation around data, consequences result from the offered data and is based only on speculation and opinions of the actors involved.
The assumption turns out to be an activity that often we humans in the many areas in which we participate; in our personal lives, at work, among others, usually arise assumptions in the different situations that are occurring or expected that they happen.
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