What is the Meaning & Definition of belly

A cavity that protects fundamental organs
The belly is one of the most important parts of our Anatomy and vertebrate animals since this cavity, because that is, houses some of the most important systems of the body organs, this is the case of the genital, urinary and digestive system.
When people suffer some sort of condition in some of these systems, for example, ate something that dropped us badly and it hurts the liver, doctor who consider us the first thing you will do is review and touch the belly area to confirm the ailment, even ourselves caught us belly or we take that area when it hurts.
Meanwhile, in the specific case of the women, when they menstruate, it is very common that they suffer from pain in your ovaries and then it will happen the same, they will touch the belly as indicator of the place in which to feel that pain and the doctor will review precisely that area to assess and to more precisely diagnose the cause of the ailment.
On the other hand, attacks or accidents that may occur in this area tend to be serious, dangerous, because of course, may compromise any important viscera that hosts this cavity. For instance, being shot in this area can be deadly.
Undoubtedly take the belly with his hands is one of the ways most pervasive when it comes to express the pain in the belly.
It is also common that the word is used to designate the series of internal organs or bodies which are located in the belly and the outside of this area, which would correspond to the abdomen.
Belly a sensitive area in aesthetics and in pregnancy
In the ordinary use of language the belly is associated with the only as slim bodies or fatness of people because it is precisely in this area where it generates the famous panza who both dislike people. Surely they will have heard of this or what diet or exercise that will allow you to get in as many days a flat, flat belly. The abdominals, undoubtedly, are physical exercises, which are most recommended to lower the fat concentrated in that area.
And the belly is also closely related to the pregnancy, because that is the area in which the baby is developed and will remain the nine months of gestation.
The word is usually also apply in elements, objects, which have belly in your design.
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