What is the Meaning & Definition of boredom

The interior of a human universe is very complex since a person experiences feelings and experiences of different types. There are feelings that are very human, however, are uncomfortable and even unpleasant: tedium is a clear example of this. In some cases, the feeling of boredom refers to a sense of inner emptiness when a person is in a stage of search. Tedium appears then masked as human feelings like melancholy.

Boredom and feeling of vacuum

The feeling of boredom also refers to the experience of profound boredom that a person has when that boredom is experienced in a common way. In this way, boredom also connects to the previous point (the inner void that we explained above).

In the case of sedentary lifestyle

The tedium is also a direct effect of laziness in a common way to unleash. Laziness and sedentary physical, far from enhancing the well-being and relaxation, produce a greater fatigue yet since the person experiencing the bitterness of feeling that it has not seized the time in a constructive way.

6 key points to address and prevent the boredom

Therefore it is advisable to take some practical steps to avoid tedium in every day:
1. in the first place, he begins each day with a purpose. Find the balance between personal life and leisure time to keep in balance the emotional balance.
2. the contact with nature, the practice of sport and physical exercise is very healthy to be in shape. Instead, spend the afternoon watching television is a way to reinforce the sedentary lifestyle.
3. also is positive to avoid the dispersion in the care: how to achieve this objective? Not wanting to do more than one thing at a time, but maintaining order in carrying out the tasks.
4 start your day with a good breakfast since your diet also affects how you feel.
5 looking for a meaning to your experiences, both experiences positive as to the negative experiences. As explained Victor Frankl, life takes more meaning when you reflect on what makes you happy.
6. it is important to reflect on what is the cause of tedium to move forward. For example, a feeling of boredom at work can show the desire to seek a career change.
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