What is the Meaning & Definition of brave

The brave Word is the word that we use most when we realize that individual that presents an enormous courage, claw, pujanza and impetus in life, regardless of the situation in which he faces difficult, simple, serious, no matter, the brave always shown whole, without hesitation and without fear of what befalls after its action.
Note, that this quality of brave may involve not only the strength and the courage at the individual level, but it is also common that who presents this provision placed it in favor of others, their environment and up to his neighbor, for clearing, procure them an improvement in the common good.
Meanwhile, the brave will be that guy who is the bearer of courage, because courage is a human virtue that consists of a huge force of will when it comes to concrete actions, even despite the difficulties and obstacles that are presented. Usually, difficulties cause fear, hesitation on the common people, however, who has courage, may be widely overcome fears and continue until its realisation the action that is proposed and intended.
Although it is more common that the courage to associate it is with the great deeds or actions, also, it is very often in the small everyday actions that we carry out human beings, i.e., brave will be who fight for the independence of his homeland in a battle and who also defends a child from a group that wants to attack him.
No need to be a being of extraordinary for the virtue of courage, though, it is worth noting that not all are able to do honour to it through their actions.
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