What is the Meaning & Definition of bum

Not to the effort, Yes to leisure
The vague Word is used in our language to refer to a person who is notable for his laziness and their laziness when it comes to act or perform any activity, especially those linked to the formal work, even, often, this type of characters that do not usually have specific occupation because they lost it because of the laziness and that apathy to work they are called generically vague.
Then, clearly, the vague does not like work, doesn't like to strive and everything that involves effort where you. A clear test to establish the degree of laziness of someone is just measure it in the direction of the bias that shows in the realization of works and tasks specific to those who intends to hire him. If the answer is obviously insufficient, it is better to avoid hiring.
An existence without obligations or commitments
Meanwhile, we must also say that this apathetic and disinterested attitude that bum shows to work, usually come accompanied by other inclinations such as being pulled and resting the maximum possible time and privileging always to work activities related to leisure and recreation. Bum so go to bed late and sleep all day rather than get up will like you much more early to go to work and meet with so many obligations that life demands.
Obviously that at certain times of life the loitering is a very serious problem because the person not endeavour to develop it as but will settle for what has, it may be nothing, and then they will not meet their basic needs or not develop expectations of growth in life.
In the life of people, especially adults, must be a sound between the responsibility for work and leisure balance, because being on one side or another will not be for nothing good, because or will be terminated in the absolute laziness and lack of production, or the stress does not stop a second to enjoy.
In this sense, the concept that is clearly at odds is the worker.
Something that confuses
But there is another meaning which is attributed to this word in our language and is of unclear, vague or indeterminate to refer to some issue or situation. For example, "the suspect gave a vague explanation about what he was doing at the time that the crime was committed."
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