What is the Meaning & Definition of call

There are different forms of communication, and the telephone is a medium that offers direct communication between two people who are distant and live in different cities or that living in the same city, can communicate each other through phone fixed (at home) or mobile phone.
Currently, is used more mobile phone since it offers the added value that it is easier to contact the recipient of the call. Phone means to make a phone call. A call with duration can be brief (if it is to simply a message) or long if it is to maintain a conversation with a friend.

A phone message

The phone also offers voicemail answering service. For this reason, if that phone to the recipient fails to contact person, you can leave a message in the voice mailbox that communicate information from the owner of that phone call. In addition to the face-to-face communication that is very positive between two people, telephone contact is a valuable supplement to keep feedback with friends and family.
Today, it is also less frequent to call before the rise of the text messages and the whatsapp that offer the possibility to the user send a written message offering specific information. In this way, the recipient of that message can read it at any time.

Contact information

Conversely, when a phone call is made it is essential to locate the recipient of the message to be able to transmit that information. The phone is a means of very important contact at the personal level and also in the professional level. Any candidate puts mobile phone number in your resume so that the company can contact you in case of interest in a job interview.
Similarly, some phone numbers are of public interest, for example, the emergency phone number or firefighters to an emergency telephone number.
From the point of view of personal relationships, a phone that does not sound is never synonymous with solitude. On the other hand, people who have a close relationship often called by phone to chat.
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