What is the Meaning & Definition of card

Although there are many variants of this term card is called the piece of cardboard or paper small it boasts a rectangular shape and that it serves to consign our personal data and contact such as first and last name, position that it occupies or failing the professional title, address and phone. While the cards are mostly used by professionals such as lawyers, accountants, salesmen, among others, this does not mean that any person can not have them and distribute them so that those interested can contact her quickly.
But in addition to this contact function, cards are also used, where appropriate, to identify itself to others, to accompany a gift, a greeting or any other motivation that requires a degree of formality.
On the other hand, in the field of computer science the term of card is a concept quite used, since in this context we can find with graphic cards, which are those printed circuits responsible for generating the visual information on a computer, network cards, which are those allowing the computer to connect to a computer network and the sound that facilitate to the computer the sound emission.
Meanwhile, at the commercial level and consumption, a type of very popular and used by almost all card is the credit card, which observes the same physiognomy to a business card, but his material is plastic, serving almost the same function of the money when it comes to shopping.
In the world of sport, especially in some such as football and basketball, the card holds a function of punishment, as they are cards that a match referee will use to warn any serious offence who commits any of the players in the development of a game.
And finally we find ourselves with the postcard that serves the same function as a letter, but with a smaller space and with the particularity of having an image on one side.

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