What is the Meaning & Definition of child violence

Violence in any form shows the relationship of subjection which is subjected a person, far from being treated as a person being treated as an object because their rights are violated. There are groups that are especially vulnerable, for example, children and also, the elderly. Protect children and the elderly of possible cases of violence is essential to create a happy society. In relation to child abuse, it should be recalled that there are different forms of abuse that go beyond the hits. I.e., it is also possible to abuse a child psychologically to say ugly words and insults.
The importance of care and love
But in addition, also be can mistreating a child not to offer you the care you need for growth. The violence suffered by children has as consequence problems of low self-esteem, problems of social relationships, mistrust in others, poor performance in school, irascible character, excessive fears and sadness. Every human being is worthy of love, care and respect, for this reason, when you violate the rights of a person through violence this becomes victim of a destructive attitude towards the aggressor. Sometimes, children muted violence living in the bosom of home out of fear.
Different forms of violence
Child abuse can be exercised through different pathways, for example, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and physical neglect. The institutions and the citizens have to fight actively to defend the rights of the most vulnerable groups so that children and the elderly have a good quality of life. It is important for all human beings feel beloved and dear at any time of life.
Childhood, the time key to training
Childhood is the period in which children begin to discover the world and life. Who grow up in a home in which receive lots of love are children who, in adulthood, grow with solid self-esteem thanks to the affection they received. Conversely, those who suffered some type of violence in childhood may suffer emotional shortcomings that can be overcome, but that leave footprint in mind because children leaves much mark despite the passage of time.
Any action is understood as physical child abuse that performed in a conscious way to damage a grave on the child. Children deserve to be happy.
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