What is the Meaning & Definition of clover

A clover is an herb that has a small size and whose leaves are distinguished by being divided into three lobes, while is just this particular characteristic which has determined its name. It should be noted that it is a leguminous plant that produces white or purple flowers and which has fabulously spread in areas of temperate climate of the northern hemisphere.
On the other hand, clover, is a fodder plant that precisely is used as fodder, as cattle feed.
One of the characteristics associated with this herb is that to a lesser extent also it is possible to meet that are composed of four-leaf clovers. Then, as these are less frequent to find it is that it considered them as omens of good luck when we stumbled upon one.
Four-leaf clover is a rare variant of the clover. As legend has it, who find the four leaf clover have a share of luck in what you undertake. Meanwhile, each a clover leaf represents a question linked to the achievement of happiness: hope, faith, love and luck.
It is also possible that a club has more than four leaves. According to the calculations in this regard there are 10,000 three-leaf Clovers for every four-leaf clover, why it considers them with rarity and a luck when you accidentally finds them.
There is an absolute coincidence regarding the cause of this peculiarity in the clover leaves. Some speak of genetic causes and others for environmental reasons. A recessive gene that appears with very low possibility is probably the cause of their generation, or an error generated by the environment during their development.
On the other hand, at the behest of the French deck, the clover is one of the four suits in which the same which also includes is divided: Spades, hearts, and diamonds.
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