What is the Meaning & Definition of cold war

The war, the most common way in which groups and countries settled their differences in any nature and appearance

The war is a conflict that occurs between two or more countries or among groups representing sides or conflicting interests and that it usually involves the use of violence, fighting with weapons, melee fights, among other options. The war has been the most common way in which groups and countries settle and settle their differences in any nature and appearance.

An aberrant human creation

Also is without a doubt one of the most deplorable and appalling human creations because human lives are lost in the same those who survive stay with psychological aftermath certainly serious and difficult even to pass the time and also the damage that the war has been able to inflict on cities, territories, is tremendous.

Declared and obvious hostility between two countries but do not reach the armed conflict

Now, countries, territories, or opposing camps tend to engage in different types of wars, the indicated above is the most common and general type, which imply confrontation with weapons and fights by sea or land, while there are other types of war as that concerns us in this review, the cold war and which is distinguished from the indicated because in it there is a declared and obvious hostility between two countries or more but not be reach the armed conflict. One of the emblematic confrontations of this kind has been that kept the Soviet Union and the United States promptly.
Case is popularly known under the name of cold war confrontation which kept since 1945, end of the second world war, until the fall of communism between 1989 and 1991, marked by the end of the USSR and the fall of the Berlin wall, blocks occidental-capitalista, headed by the United States and the oriental-comunista, led by his side for the Soviet Union.

A confrontation that manifested itself in almost all aspects and areas of the life of these countries

The cold war between them was a struggle which manifested itself in almost all aspects and areas of life in these countries, in the political, ideological, technological, economic, informational, and military, i.e. almost any important aspect of life in both countries was aside from the hostility.
Then, a cold war is that State of tension that occurs between powers, countries or blocks, in which each of the Parties adopts a policy that tends to reinforce at the expense of the adversary without that never reach a hot war actions.

They created a network of military and economic cooperation with the countries allies or satellites one of the blocks against the other and vice versa

The denomination of the rivalry as cold war is due to any of the two powers involved and mentioned, United States and the Soviet Union, never carried out direct action one against the other, but that more that limited nothing to act as hubs of influence in the international context and to engage a network of economic with allied countries and military cooperation or satellites of one of the blocks against the other and vice versa.

Birth of the concept and broadcasting

The invention of the concept has been attributed to American financier Bernard Baruch, who served as presidential counselor shortly of started the mentioned State of affairs between the two countries, although the journalist Walter Lippmann, also helped to popularize the name, since in 1947 it used the concept to one of his books. And of course as with lot of terminology that is taken up by the press and disseminated on a large scale through books or the media, it is that the concept gained popularity and thus spread the name of clashes that have these characteristics.

No fatalities but with fatal consequences for the political and economic life

However, it is accurate that let us underline that although in a cold war no unfortunate fatal victims, injured or material damage to infrastructure, the scope, consequences and gravity that can reach some aspects such as economic, ideological and political can be enormous. And in the case of the Soviet Union and the United States was so great that they ended up mark significantly the international political stage during almost all the half of the last century, since at any price, both super powers wanted to implement their ideology of Government to the world always at the expense of the other. Basically, the cold war was the clash between two ideologies: capitalism vs. Communism.
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