What is the Meaning & Definition of cow

Physical characteristics and peculiarities
The cow is one of the most popular mammals that exist in the animal Kingdom. It is herbivorous, i.e., feeds of herbs and plants for which an usual landscape is seen cows in large fields foraging for food in this way. It is also recognized by being the female of Bull and an integral part of the so-called cattle. Meanwhile, the species it referred to formally as Bos Primigenius Taurus.
On the physical plane is characterized by presenting a major port, the average tends to weigh more than half a ton, a very thick that culminates with two horns, hard skin, short hair of various colors, being the most popular and recognized the white with black dots, limbs that end in hooves with a couple of fingers, and certainly long a tail and head Bristly toward its end. Meanwhile, their high regard is often found in the meter and a half.
Its flesh and its skin, economically valued products
It should be noted that this type of cattle, especially the cow, is widely bred by human beings to take advantage of its meat and milk and so many other products which are produced precisely from these. For example, cow hair is used for leather, one of the most precious materials in the leather goods industry.
And not to mention his flesh, no doubt meat of cow is the most consumed by humans, is the staple food in most of the world, consuming all parts of the cow, no exceptions. In places like the Argentina, beef is widely popular among Argentines who consume it a lot, either baked, roasted, among other alternatives, and very precious also for those visiting the country who know good meat produced there.
Movements which condemns exploitation
Now, just as there is a great production that uses products that are obtained from this animal also there is a great controversy over those who defend their rights and condemn their killing both for food as products, such is the case of vegetarians and more extremists, vegans, those who condemn wishful thinking to kill cows and any other animal.
We must also indicate that the colloquial language used a lot the word to refer to that person who is certainly exceeded weight, because of course, as we saw in the physical plane cow is characterized by its large body size.
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