What is the Meaning & Definition of crossing

The crossing Word is used in our language to refer various questions.
One of the most common uses of the term is to refer to the adventure that is undertaken and is associated with an experience that is characterized by its boldness and unpredictability, that is, at the crossing will happen always events that do not expect or which are not predictable, such is the case of the encounter with things, people, or situations fantastic , causing an internal change in the person living it, and also in the conception that it holds on certain issues. Case is that the crossing Word can be used as a synonym for the concept of adventure.
On the other hand, is called crossing that part of a road that has been arranged in the metropolitan area of a population. Meanwhile, in the mentioned route, crossing, which is for public use, they will run cars. At the same time, the crossing is connected to other streets.
Meanwhile, they differ from motorways, by what was said just have steps at the same level, and the roads, because they aren't designed for automobile circulation.
It should be noted that a community depends largely on crossings since they are a means of access and circulation to go to work, to study, among other activities.
And on the other hand the crossing Word is also widely used in our language to designate that trip is by boat or plane and by the characteristics of the vessel or aircraft and the route itself will involve an adventure. That is, won't be in any way a conventional travel in which travels on a standard plane, for example, and is shopping, visiting museums and rests comfortably in a hotel, but to cruise is a trip in which unexpected situations are expected because the place, terrain and climate which is directed is characterized by unexpected in these issues conditions.
The extreme sports and adventure tourism often referred to as crossings.

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