What is the Meaning & Definition of daredevil

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Fear is one of the most common feelings in life, a feeling that is a limit of happiness when it becomes shape of lock. There are many forms of fear: the fear that say, fear of failure, fear of ridicule, insecurity before the fear of rejection, phobias... Fear becomes a brake in our actions when we say to ourselves a message that begins with the phrase: "Can't". Fear helps us to be prudent, to assess the advantages and disadvantages of an action.

Be reckless

A kind of prudence that lacks the reckless man who is overly confident when faced with dangers without measuring the consequences that these risks may bring. For example, it is a foolhardy gesture drivers exceeding the speed limit on Highway. A reckless person is unconscious in the sense that it appears to act on pure impulse without having thought of truth in the essence of the facts.
Reckless people have as a philosophy of life carpe diem taken to its maximum extreme, i.e. it's live in the moment at all costs. The bold seems to tempt your luck, seems to challenge destiny want to be beyond any limit. And it is that limits are especially uncomfortable for people who act this way and feel especially tempted by the adrenaline rush of live beyond the rules. The bold feels that he is capable of overcoming the limits, therefore, seeks to experience. Indeed, it is appropriate to point out that many of these reckless actions bring great tragedies.

Express an idea without evidence

The meaning of reckless can also be used in the context of communication when a person expresses an idea without an argument and a foundation. For example, it is a reckless action to publish important news in a newspaper without having contrasted data from the news. In this case, the daredevil is not to measure the impact of this news not proven may have and the consequences that this form of communication can bring to a medium of communication.
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