What is the Meaning & Definition of delete

Through the term delete is possible to make reference to the omission or the Elimination of something, or failing, what has been overlooked by x motivation. They asked us that our statement be abolished those irrelevant details. I prefer to delete in my mind their poor care or but generaré more familiar controversy.
On the other hand, the word delete, also is used to describe something or someone and removal action from which it is made to disappear to something or someone. The new military law abolished the previous pension benefits enjoyed by the sector. Laura still does not appear, as if someone had deleted it from the face of the Earth.
Note, delete the word is closely related to concepts such as: cancel, abolish, eradicate, remove, delete, remove, exterminate, destroy, prohibit, interrupt, hide, ignore and mute, while directly opposed to concepts such as replace, include and restore.
Then, the most commonly attributed to the word delete is to account for those laws, rules or institutions which have been suppressed, deleted, in the context that corresponds. For example, long ago that slavery has been abolished in our legislation.
On the other hand, in psychology, it is also common that used the concept of delete in relation to a typical Adaptive mechanism that tends to present the human being, (Suppression) and consists, without reaching the absolute repression, control desires, impulses and ideas.
Generally, community life requires human beings to suspend or delay meeting specific needs, especially in those cases in which one makes it to prevent the succession of some greater evil. A recurrent example may be that of one individual who decides to suppress their sexual desires for a coworker because such a situation, forward, could become a labor problem, if then the relationship is not thriving, or those works in which there is an express provision prevent the loving relationship between employees.
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