What is the Meaning & Definition of display cabinet

A Cabinet is a piece of furniture that has a structure of wood, usually with shelves of the same material and the rest is all glass, since its main use is the display of valuable or fragile articles, such as tableware, watches, jewelry, books, among others.
Addressing a Cabinet closed and glazed, the showcase, preserve the objects inside of a possible break, Rob and the soil and dust that usually flies in the environment and also, will allow direct visualization of what is in the interior.
While the showcases are own family home furniture, also they have become super functional shops for furniture, since they allow the exhibition of products and at the same time preserves of careless manipulation of the public.
The showcases can be made from different Woods and of the most varied forms, so that we can find showcases oak, cedar, pine and with low, high showcases like the stature of an individual, rectangular, square, round, among other alternatives.
Usually, as mentioned, they have racks, which can be glass or wood, which allow to organize in an orderly manner the contents and have a door or several, in part front that usually have a key that allows your seal and the manipulation by a single person is which has the key.
We will then, in houses, shops and museums, see showcases. Meanwhile, in the case of employed in trades, showcases, are especially designed to add to the functionality within the trade, in many cases, have wooden bases, metal profiles and sliding doors.

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