What is the Meaning & Definition of distorting

From the point of view of communication, there are tangles that impede understanding, knots in the communication that create complex barriers. A possible knot in communication is misrepresenting the words of another person, confusing the intention that the caller wanted to give to your message by removing a wrong and out of context conclusion.
It is not only possible to misrepresent the words of a person but also his deeds. This occurs when a person makes specific assumptions of the acts of another person, hypothesis that gives a value of truth without have contrasted their doubt through the word asking the caller.

Tangles in communication

There are various reasons why a person may misrepresent the words of another, one of the most common is for not having the full attention to what says the interlocutor. Communication problems are based, mainly, on the errors of active listening.

Wanting to interpret a message to our liking

In this way, what one says becomes a reality, in what the other wants to interpret (although this subjective reinterpretation is not aware). Sometimes, people can misrepresent a specific information in order to find the benefit. It is possible to distort information, thus it occurs, for example, to transmit a rumor false about another person.
Such situations can be very uncomfortable depending on the consequences of misinformation. However, it is good to reinforce the feedback in the communication to clarify the matter and not leave it even more tangled.
To improve communication, it is good to find a supportive environment for the talk looking for a quiet place for conversation. It is also good to avoid assumptions and make clear and specific questions. True dialogue arises from questions and answers.

Solve errors

Occasionally, communication errors are not intentional, i.e., a person may have misrepresented certain information because you have a hearing problem. People who find it difficult to listen to, can remove interpretations wrong in the talks, simply because you have not heard well.
Really negativity is not an error of communication in itself but the consequences of these errors can occur at the interpersonal level. Because there are people who distance themselves for a long time by a tangle which has not been clarified.
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