What is the Meaning & Definition of domestic violence

Understood as a highly common phenomenon in today's societies, domestic violence is undoubtedly caused by a myriad of elements that contribute to its development. At the same time, consequences or sequels of this dramatic phenomenon can be different in scope and affect many people.
When we talk about domestic violence we are referring to the violence that is exercised or that takes place within a family. This means, that it is carried out by a member or family. Both generators and recipients of this violence may vary from case to case, sometimes being an only individual and in several others. The facts of domestic violence are especially hard since they involve physical, moral and psychological injuries much more harsh and difficult to bear to be in the Middle a particular combination of feelings, links, feelings of belonging or abandonment, etc.
Normally, domestic violence would be exercised by the father or male of the family against the rest of the members. Another generator of this type of violence are both parents to the children. Sometimes they may also give cases of violence within a family through side relatives (such as grandparents, uncles, cousins). Rarely cases of domestic violence occur from children to parents since it always involves an exercise of power and hierarchy roles that can exist between different members of a family group.
The most common examples of domestic violence are those in which women or children receive beatings and various physical assaults by parents or male members. In addition to this physical violence, which in many cases can have fatal results on both sides, usually psychological and moral violence which can be much more disturbing, traumatizing and dangerous since it upsets the mental state of well-being of a person from the constant verbal attacks.
These situations of family violence can have many causes, some certainly difficult of delineate. At the same time, the consequences can go very far, damaging the school performance of children, the job performance of adults, altering the physical and mental health of the involved members and favoring the dissolution of the family.

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