What is the Meaning & Definition of domestic violence

Domestic violence consists of, basically, the different forms of abuse of women in the sphere of personal or family relations. This reality receives other names (Spain uses the concept of gender violence or sometimes referred to violence against women). In any case, it's a serious social problem, since it potentially affects half the population, women.
It is not a local problem or affecting a number of countries, but that it is widespread throughout the world, although in some areas with greater intensity.
Causes and measurement
Analysts on sociological issues attempt to explain the causes underlying this reality. First, there is a reason of cultural type, according to which women must be subject to man (which is normally known as machismo). The educational factor is also relevant, since sometimes the children receive a different education and these differences manifest themselves later as adults. Another element that is involved in this phenomenon is the new role of women, more independent economically and with a more open mentality, a circumstance that may collide with the traditional approaches of some men.
Aside from the causes that explain (and in no case justify) domestic violence, there is a widespread social response that radically rejects this type of behavior. Along this line, in recent years have been running campaigns to combat and prevent domestic violence. A series of recommendations are presented in these awareness-raising campaigns. The first and fundamental is that women denounce any act of violence and do not commit the mistake of justify it in any way. Also it is advisable to avoid a victimhood poorly focused by women (when they are abused is blocked and they may think that they deserve it or that they have done something wrong). There is a third recommendation: the total Setdown of any act of violence, i.e., that there is no justification.
It should not be forgotten that in the not very distant past if it had a certain social understanding and, in fact, spoke of the "crimes of passion", which had an implicit message of understanding towards violence (the passion of the moment is understood as a possible legal defence).
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