What is the Meaning & Definition of drug abuse

Health is one of the fundamental pillars of the personal development of a human being. Health part of the care of one's self. There are health problems that arise as a result of an addiction to a harmful substance, for example, drug or tobacco abuse. An addiction of this type not only produces negative consequences on the physical level but also emotional.

A dependency that hurts and isolates

The person feels that he cannot control his addiction, depends on the consumption of that substance. And this addiction has negative consequences on the lifestyle of that person, their professional performance and their relationships with friends. Drug use can also reinforce violent attitudes.

Alterations in mood

One of the direct effects of the drug are sudden changes in mood, for example. In addition, the order of the sleep and rest is altered. On the other hand, intellectual concentration is altered. It is important to point out that a drug addiction is a very serious problem that can arise even in death. The first step to overcome this addiction is that the patient recognize having a real problem that limited his life. Then, you have to be willing to change. However, it is also very important that the affected has the support of friends and close relatives which according to resilience provide emotional strength.
Drug abuse shows a process through which a person begins to experience physical dependence and also psychological respect to a specific substance. In this respect it is also important that the environment has on the advice of specialists in psychology that may give specific guidelines.

Specialized centers to fight and achieve a rehabilitation

There are rehabilitation centers especially recommended for the treatment of toxicological problems. In this case, the patient can undergo a treatment that will help you to take the reins of your life and overcome the problem of health.
The age at which a person may have a problem of this type may vary depending on each case. However, it is very important to bet on information and education as a better tool to instill positive values in adolescents, and know how to say no to drugs and take care of themselves.
There are people who more than a health problem of this type and have become a benchmark for others. They are people who become an example that it is possible to overcome a problem of addiction with effort, willpower and adequate support.
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