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Political international community composed of European countries that established common policies in economic, trade, development...

The European Union (EU) is a political community comprising 27 European States, including Austria, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Kingdom of Denmark, Cyprus, Slovak Republic, Spain, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Hellenic Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Britain and Ireland of the North, Czech Republic, Sweden and Romania, successor to the European communities and which was established on November 1, 1994 once it became current the Treaty of the European Union.
The EU has developed and implemented a single market through certain rules of mandatory application in all the Member States, which ensure inter alia the free movement of persons, goods, services and capital.
In addition, almost all Member Nations maintain common policies on issues such as trade, fisheries, agriculture and regional development, with the clear objective of strengthening the economic supremacy of the region. Even sixteen of those 27 States party have adopted a common currency, the Euro, which further facilitates trade between countries and has created the so-called eurozone.
On the other hand, this policy of economic union in addition to the cooperation on security, foreign policy and police and judicial cooperation.

Main organs that comprise

The European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Council, the European Court of Justice, the European Central Bank and the European Parliament are the main bodies and institutions through which the EU argues, generates and establishes common policies.


Two basic forms of decision-making there are decisions, one will be through direct negotiation between the Member States and there is another in which will be the institutions of the community that will take them.
Community law shall not exceed ever to the domestic law of each country, but joins this and coexists in interdependent way.

Requirements for joining the EU

To integrate the European Union, a country must strictly comply with the so-called Copenhagen criteria, which are a series of rules that have been laid down in 1993, at the European Council of Copenhagen. There are established as follows: a stable democracy that respects human rights and the rule of law, a viable and competitive market economy and the acceptance of the obligations which States adherence. The evaluation about this behavior, if it is observed or not, run by the European Council.
The official and unofficial candidates to enter the community soon include the following States: Turkey, Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo, among others.

Union in diversity and teamwork

It is clear and proven teamwork almost always generates good results in the achievement of the purposes of the team in question this is what political organizations like the EU proposed and proposed to start. Throwing hand of a popular phrase could synthesize the work of the EU: the union is strength, because when all pull for the same side, they have objectives, policies and strategies in common, sooner or later sooner is will eventually achieving the aims and the benefits that reach all members of the group, because clearly that is the idea that gave rise to their creation.
The EU intends to since he was a project until today that is a fact, the European union, that this region is United despite the diversity that has by tradition, uses, customs and history existing each country that integrate it and all respond positively to policies in common to make stronger the area in all its aspects.
And not by chance then its motto is the union in diversity... knowing of course of multiculturalism that prevails, mission is to overcome it and not focus in those differences but in the coincidences that have and are in final that there is give bout the whole region to offer its members a better quality of life at all levels.

2012 peace Nobel Prize

In the year 2012, the Nobel Foundation, which delivers the Nobel Peace Prize, the most prominent and precious when it comes to distinguish those who have labored in favor of friendship and the union of Nations and therefore against the Elimination of differences and conflicts, distinguished the European Union with this important award for just being an organization that, over the years, slaving tirelessly in favor of the peace, conciliation, the union, human rights and democracy in Europe.
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