What is the Meaning & Definition of evening

The veiled Word also presents two applications of recurrent, on the one hand, can refer to the meeting held by several people, during the night, and whose main mission turns out to be fun. The evening hosted by John and Mary was super fun.
And on the other hand the evening can be a themed party, IE can have as a starting point a denominator in common, such as music, sport and literature and is also characterized by being carried out during the night. For example, one of the most characteristic of this type of evening cases are certain deliveries and recognized Awards sports, such as awards Argentina Olimpia, which reward the best Argentine athletes of the year and the mentioned awards ceremony traditionally takes place during the night, in the lounge of a renowned hotel and in addition to the presence of the athletes ternados in different categories the, is usually accompanied music and a dinner.
Also well known evening otherwise but having an artistic trigger is the evening in which are delivered the Oscars Awards to the best of American film production of the year. To the evening of the Oscars not missed a figure.
It should be noted, that at the meeting of two lovers, during the night, for dinner in the light of the candles, it is popularly called as a romantic evening.
Then, among the conditions for a meeting, celebration, as evening are: Mission of entertainment or amusement, presence of more than one individual, with two people who meet as we speak of evening.
Although there may be variations depending on the reason for meeting, especially in the evenings there is usually a dinner, then dancing and any number of entertainment, such as the presentation of a magician or the performance of a musical group.
And on the other hand, evening is the name of a small Spanish population located in the province of Toledo, which has a little less than three thousand inhabitants.
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