What is the Meaning & Definition of experience

An experience is that a person living in your life and experience that somehow becomes part of his character.
The experience, moreover, is the ability to acquire knowledge and skills that undoubtedly will enrich the person, always after an experience will be registered information that in the future, repeat, will not only allow to find out how to react to this or what situation similar to the one of the last experience, but that also will leave us a revealing learning, which will be critical to avoid repeating a bad attitude , behavior.
Because there is something that although it is not a law written Yes occurs frequently, when someone has a favorable experience that caused him pleasure and taste, with time, will be remembered as positive, you will learn of it and will try to repeat it, however, when the experience conversely has been unpleasant nothing of that will happen and anything that evokes it shall be regarded as a bad memory.
On the other hand, the experiences of a person, although they are not the same as another person, undoubtedly are important to know, because somehow they will enrich who have not lived something similar and should a similar situation arise in the future will have tools to resolve it, or failing that, if you immediately do not imply learning , surely will satisfy the desires of curiosity we have of if humans with respect to some situations, professions, among others

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