What is the Meaning & Definition of family therapy

Family therapy is a sub discipline within psychotherapy that works with the family: mother, father and children either only with couples to promote good development, intensification of the relations between the members or rectify some conflicts and differences which have emerged product of coexistence.
This type of therapy is a fairly modern alternative which very few decades ago emerged as a response to the various networks which must face an individual who lives at this time. Socio-economic swings, different problems, different emotional needs that times are opposed in the breasts of the families, pressure, stress, competition that occurs in almost all areas, the dysfunctionality in the fall some families as a result of the divorce or separation of the couple, among others, are some of the main reasons why a family decides to undergo family therapy.
Among the more traditional family therapies often face the therapists we have systemic therapy which is the one that will be applied to treat disorders and mental diseases that arise as a result of relational activity of a particular social group, conceived as a system.
Systemic therapeutic look focuses on providing solutions of communication and relationship not only to the families, but also couples. Prominently, this type of therapy has as method of inhibition of the problems that we mentioned above, the change in the processes of interaction and communication, meanwhile, to be more effective in the best treatment to be used to revert these situations, systemic therapy should observe individuals in their own context.
With respect to the duration of the treatments, usually, this type of therapy does not require what they call a type shock treatment, but that between sessions it can take from 2 to 6 weeks depending on available it or necessary medical professional. Meanwhile, average time which will take you to this therapy started to show the first results, are counted as necessary between 10 and 14 sessions.
Systemic therapy has shown an incredible positive performance when he played him to deal with cases with food problems, drug addiction, dysfunctional child behavior, family conflicts when it comes and although in a lesser extent has also experienced some supremacy in dealing with depression that undergoes n some of the two members of the couple.

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