What is the Meaning & Definition of fan

Considered one of the most useful and necessary for comfort, the fan is basically a machine that has as main objective the generation of a stream of permanent air which, however, may vary its intensity or direction according to the interest of who handles it. Fans can be personal (e.g. a house) use objects as well parts of older machines that require his presence to ensure ventilation of internal parts and to prevent overheating (for example, the fans that are inside the computer).
Although it is believed that there are forms of ventilation, artificial (i.e. man-made) since antiquity, fan as technological machine was newly created from the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. Obviamnte, the first forms of fans managed by energy flows were gigantic and very primitive in comparison with current fans but this has to do essentially with the need that they had many machines and complex industrial systems have permanent ventilation that would allow a proper functioning of the parties.
However, when one thinks of a fan, the first image that comes to mind is that of fan used in living as the home or office spaces. These fans may have different sizes, different shapes and different particular properties. Thus, we find foot (those who usually have more than one metre and a half high and can be addressed), ceiling fans (which are placed on the roof and air across the room), wall fans and fans hand fans. Without a doubt, the increase of the ambient temperature and the presence of increasingly hot summers has become fans (and the air conditioners, a more evolved the same way) completely necessary elements for comfort and relaxation daily.
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